Beard Growth and Maintenance Guide

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Improve Your Beard Growth


Clean, Moisturize, Massage, Brush. These four simple steps will help you improve beard growth and overcome beard patchiness. Follow them daily and you will free your follicles to sprout into healthy whiskers. It takes a little discipline but five to ten minutes a day will reap big dividends in terms of achieving your healthy beard goals.


OneDTQ Beard Growth Cleaning


Wash away dead skin and excess sebum that clogs follicles and blocks beard growth. Choose a beard shampoo, soap or wash that cleans naturally without chemicals so that you can use it on a daily basis with no worries about harmful effects or unwanted chemical residue. Look for a beard wash with the kinds of ingredients that invigorate the skin and follicles and promote hair growth, like Balsamic Fir Needle. This first of four steps can be done in the shower or by the sink.



After towel drying your beard to remove nearly all the moisture, yet leaving your beard slightly damp, apply and moisturizer to your beard. Choose a beard oil rich in nutrients, vitamins, and essential fatty acids that promote beard growth.

Big forest Beard Growth Oil

For example, our Big Forest Beard Growth Oil contains: Cherry Kernel Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Balsam Fir Needle Oil, Bergamot Oil - all known to improve hair growth.


OneDTQ Beard Growth Massage


After applying a growth promoting beard oil be sure to massage it thoroughly into your beard and your facial skin beneath your beard. This will improve blood flow to the follicles and this improved circulation will over time promote beard growth.


OneDTQ Beard Growth Beard Brushing


After massaging a good beard oil into your beard and facial skin, finish off by brushing your beard and facial skin with a brush that is stiff enough to stimulate yet gentle enough so as to not irritate or pull out your whiskers. Brushing with a good beard brush will soften your beard and bring out it’s natural shine. A 100% Natural Boar’s Hair beard brush is classic and ideal.  Be sure to finish by brushing in the direction you want your beard to grow. This will train your beard over time and give you your desired look. A good beard brush is an essential tool for your beard styling.


Eat Plenty of Protein

A good diet is key to growing a good, healthy beard. With proper nutrition your beard will grow faster, be stronger and look and feel better. Plenty of protein is the key. Growing a beard is like building muscles and requires an abundant amount of necessary amino acids. Lean, low-fat meat and poultry are protein staples as well as  seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, trout, sardines, anchovies and herring. Also be sure to get your fair share of nuts, seeds, yogurt, and eggs.

OneDTQ Beard Growth Diet


Drink Lots and Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is key to healthy skind, good health in general and hair growth too. Think of each strand of hair, from the follicle out, as a tree growing out of your head or beard that needs plently of water to grow. It's not easy to get used to drinking as much water as you need. A man weighing 190 lbs needs to drink 16 cups of water a day on a day where he does no exercise. That number goes up with exercise and it goes up in dry climates or when the heat is on in winter, drying you out constantly. It also goes up when you drink dehydrating fluids like coffee and alchohol. As a rule of thumb you need to match any coffee you drink with an additional equal amount of water. Here is a handy online water intake calculator that I found online. It makes it easy to figure out how much water you should be drinking based on your weight and the duration of your exercise. For me personally, in winter, with the dry heat blasting, I need at least double what is recommended, the recommended amount being very accurate in spring, summer and fall when there is no heat on. Your beard will feel softer, grow better, be shinier when you drink plenty of water. Your digestion will improve as well as long as you wait half an hour or so after drinking before eating and an hour or so after eating before drinking more water. Don't drink and eat at the same time as this wrecks your digestion. A great added benefit of drinking enough water is it is likely you will start losing some weight as you will feel fuller from drinking water and will need to eat less to feel satisfied. Drink good water. An ionizer might be a good investment because alkalike water is best for you health and is hard to find in most bottled water. It's always good to keep you body on the alkaline side of things to promote good health and fight disease that thrives in an acidic envioronment. With time you will get used to drinking more water and you will enjoy the benefits of staying well hydrated all the time including seeing a nice improvement in your beard growth.

Get yourself a good beard trimmer

As your beard grows out you will may want to shape it to best fit your face. Your face and beard are unique and you may want to just let it grow out completely naturally but the option is there to experiment with shaping it this way and that and seeing how it looks and feels. By shaping it, the beard allows you to change the way you look in signifigant ways that a clean shaven man does not enjoy. There are many different styles of beards and mustaches. Look at pictures of bearded men and find ones with faces with a similar shape to yours and using your beard trimmer try different looks until you find the one that best suits you, for the time being anyway. You may find that this flexibility is one of the great advantages when you grow a beard and take care of it with good beard maintenance.