Ultimate Goatee Grooming Routine

Keeping your goatee looking its very best

Keeping your goatee looking its very best

The OneDTQ Ultimate Goatee Grooming Guide - Illustrated - All you need to know to keep your goatee looking it's best.

Rachel: So, what do you think of my Goatee Grooming artwork?

Barry: Nice

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OK, getting down to the business of goatee grooming. A goatee is often chosen  by men who are looking to maintain a professional appearance while embracing the individuality and style that whiskers offer. Keeping a goatee well groomed and looking great requires some essential products, some effort, and a good routine.

Our ultimate goatee grooming routine has eight steps which can be remembered by recalling this strange looking and sounding acronym. BSSSABBB

  1. Brush to Clean
  2. Shower
  3. Shampoo
  4. Shave
  5. Aftershave
  6. Beard Oil
  7. Balm
  8. Brush to Style

Brush to Clean - Dry brush your goatee in four directions with a natural boar’s hair beard brush - it’s just firm enough without being too hard. It will massage the skin on your chin and remove the sebum and dead skin that can cause irritation, beard dandruff, and block follicles - preventing full growth and thickness.

Brushing to Clean Brushing to Clean

Shower - Just the easiest and most convenient time and place to shampoo your goatee. The sink is an alternative when rushed for time of if a shower is unavailable.

Shampoo - Lather up and clean that goatee with a good beard shampoo to remove all the sebum and dead skin that the Brush to Clean loosened as well as anything else that’s there. This will promote healthy skin, unblocked follicles and good, full whisker growth.

Big Forest Beard Shampoo Big Forest Beard Shampoo

Shave - Use a shaving soap with a high concentration of moisturizers to lubricate your face so the razor will glide smoothly and effortlessly but one that doesn’t lather up too much. The low lather will help you see the lines of your goatee clearly as you shave, making an accurate shave with precision lines possible as you shape your goatee. For best precision use a safety or straight razor.

Big Forest Shaving Soap Big Forest Shaving Soap

Aftershave - Clean your face with warm water and then finish with cold water to close pores and prevent irritation. Pat dry with a soft towel and use an aftershave with natural antiseptic, soothing and healing properties.

Big Forest Aftershave Big Forest Aftershave

Beard Oil -  While your goatee is still damp, massage a nourishing, moisturizing natural beard oil into your goatee and the skin beneath.

Big Forest Beard Oil Big Forest Beard Oil

Balm - Lock the moisture into your goatee to keep your goatee soft and great looking all day long.

Big Forest Beard Balm Big Forest Beard Balm

Brush to Style - Brush in the direction that you hairs grow for a neater, stylish look.

100 % Boar’s Hair Beard Brush 100 % Boar’s Hair Beard Brush

Two Great Kit Options:

Essential Wet Shaving Kit: Shaving Soap and Aftershave

Essential Wet Shaving Kit: Shaving Soap and Aftershave Essential Wet Shaving Kit

Ultimate Goatee Grooming Kit (All items available separately)

Big Forest Beard Balm Ultimate Goatee Grooming Kit

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