Who we are

Barry and Rachel, husband and wife team, living and working in Brooklyn, NY.

What we believe

We believe in free enterprise, small business, great design, honest dealing and best organic and natural ingredients.

What makes us different

We draw on old world knowledge of natural healing and beauty care known for generations to the women of Odessa Ukraine. Ironically, out of necessity, this knowledge was preserved during Soviet rule while being largely forgotten in the modern West. With nothing available in the Russian stores, women made their own creams, conditioners, masks, balms, oils, ointments, herbal waters and more from natural and pure ingredients brought in from the fertile Ukrainian countryside.

Our Approach

We carefully research and select ingredients with proven remedial properties. We prefer and recommend old fashioned, time-tested, natural ways of maintaining healthy skin and hair. All of our natural products are paraben free.

Our Mission

To offer pure, wholesome, healthful, organic and natural Beard Care Products that draw from old world knowledge of natural healing and remedies.

What does OneDTQ mean?

It’s music, just like a great Rock and Roll song that starts off with counting 1, 2 - 1, 2, 3, and then BAM! How? One is the number 1 spelled out. D is for Double or the number 2. T is for Triple or the number 3 and Q is for Quadruple or the number 4. So it’s One Double Triple Quadruple. OneDTQ, 1, 2, 3, 4. But what does music have to do with Beard Care? Just like music combines just the right notes, in just the right combinations, using just the right instruments and voices and harmonies to create a great sound, we take the finest, purest, organic and natural ingredients and combine and mix them just right to create the best beard care products.

How It Started

Rachel and I met a party and started dating. She kept quiet for a long time as she brushed my beard dandruff time and time again off her favorite chocolate colored couch. Then one day, eying my itchy beard, she said, Barry, I can fix that!” That’s how it started and now we are crafting the best beard care products and helping guys grow and enjoy happy, healthy beards. Our beard oil & balm, beard shampoo & wax come in variety of subtly scented lines to support the bearded lifestyle. We use pure, natural and organic ingredients that moisturize, replenish, soothe and stimulate. All our beard care products are infused with 100% natural therapeutic grade essential oils to provide true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. We are 100 % vegan and use 100% recyclable packaging.. At OneDTQ we are passionate about helping you grow an itch-free beard, tame those facial whiskers, and look and feel your best.



Rachel | OneDTQ Beard Care

Rachel was born and raised in Odessa, Ukraine, for centuries a European center for arts, literature, design, business and natural healing. Established as a freeport on the Black Sea in 1794, Odessa was a magnet for people seeking opportunity. From all over the world they brought their dreams and talents. They also brought a broad and deep knowledge of old world natural remedies. 

Rachel studied and taught fine arts in Odessa, Ukraine and was the billboard artist at the world famous Odessa Opera House. As her mother and grandmother before her, she developed a keen interest in natural healing and homemade beauty products. In New York, she worked for 10 years as the Creative Director of the website of one of our nation’s major sports leagues . Today Rachel pours her energies and talents into a guy with a beard and their very own Beard Care Company.


Barry | OneDTQ Beard Care

Barry is a long time bearded, native New Yorker. Back in Brooklyn after a journey of more than 20 years that took him across the country and overseas, he’s seen a lot, learned a lot and done a lot. Educated as a lawyer, Barry has been a professional caddy, farmer, shepherd, factory worker, writer, dreamer, teacher, student and sometimes even lawyer. Today he works together with Rachel to grow OneDTQ and bring health and happiness to the bearded world.

OneDTQ Beard Care lines:

Big Forest Beard Care line 

Beard Shampoo, Oil and Balm - Designed to help with beard growth, the manly, woody scent of this line will take you deep into the woods and bring out the nature lover in you while helping your whiskers grow and beard thicken out.

Medicine Man’s Anti-Itch Beard Care line 

Beard Wash, Oil and Pomade - Designed to stop beard itch, grow healthy whiskers and maintain an itch-free beard. Contains botanical extracts and oils to make your beard happy.

Calming Beard Care line

Beard Soap, Oil, and Mustache Wax - Simply great for all beard and mustache styles! Has lavender and clary sage essential oils that will help you to wind down, relax and enjoy. This scent appeals to a wide range of people and will make her want to kiss you.

MOJO Beard Care line 

Beard Soap, Oil, and Mustache Wax - will soften your beard, soothe your facial skin and keep you looking and feeling your best. Has rosemary and sandalwood essential oils to give your libido a lift. Truly a manly scent!

Energy Beard Care line 

Beard Soap, Oil, and Mustache Wax - Has grapefruit and peppermint oils to give you a boost in the morning or whenever you need it. Will keep you look and feel your best and your beard will smell great.