Medicine Man’s Itchy Beard Wash

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OneDTQ Medicine Man’s Anti-Itch Beard Wash has been ranked #1 by Ezvid Wiki in their Wiki of 2018’s best beard washes!

Rachel and I are thrilled that our Medicine Man’s Itchy Beard Wash was selected by Ezvid Wiki as the best beard wash in America for 2018! About 5 years ago Rachel made the first batch to fix my itchy, flaky beard and we knew immediately that we had a hit. We have slowly gained loyal customers and advocates for this handmade, all natural and organic beard wash. We sell our Medicine Man's Itchy Beard Wash on our website, Amazon Prime, eBay and Etsy.

Medicine Man’s was chosen #1 after forty-two hours of research.

Ezvid Wiki researched the candidate beard washes for forty two hours and then published an impartial assessment of beard wash options available to consumers in the United States on their amazing website, ultimately choosing Medicine Man's as Number One. 

We see this #1 ranking as an approbation of not only the natural healing power of Medicine Man's Itchy Beard Wash but of our retro-American Medicine Man’s name and logo - please see below on how we chose the Medicine Man's name and logo and what it represents to us and what we are trying to express about us and our Medicine Man's line of products.

You can view the Wiki video review at this url: 

How We Chose the Medicine Man’s Name for Our Itchy Beard Wash

What do you call a beard soap that naturally and powerfully tackles an itchy beard?

That was the question that Rachel and I faced when we decided to sell our new and amazing beard wash online. We were excited about helping sufferers that needed help and wanted an alternative to the chemical laden shampoos available in drug stores and supermarkets.

We wanted something with a very retro and very American look but at the same time something that said everything natural; natural healing, natural ingredients and natural lifestyle.

We thought about it for some time and played with different ideas and logos. Rachel and I would design a logo and print it up and put it on a bottle and leave it on our workstation, lining up bottle after bottle next to each other. We would look and look.

In the end we chose Medicine Man’s, not only because we felt it best expressed our commitment to natural ingredients and products while delivering the message of natural healing power but because we decided to honor both a friend/spiritual mentor and a Medicine Man whom he came to know in a most extraordinary way.

It’s truly an amazing story.  Our friend was out West and a Medicine Man, while performing a ceremony with the entire tribe present, called him over from a distance and peering deeply into his eyes shared with him a message of deep spiritual brotherhood.

How did that happen? Our friend was involved in extensive prayer and meditation which he practiced throughout remote places in the West both at home and in his travels. It seems  the Medicine Man “knew” him before he ever arrived at the reservation that day, or saw something in him that is not apparent to the eye. Our friend left the “reason” to our imagination and understanding but it’s likely one or the other or both. And so, that’s the short story of the retro- American themed Naturally Powerful Medicine Man’s line - named to honor them both and express our commitment to natural ingredients and sharing the best nature has to offer to tackle an itchy beard.

Brushing my beard is helping save me from the dreaded itchy beard

I’ve been growing my beard longer and brushing more is definitely helping me beat back the dreaded itchy beard. I’ve been brushing my beard for some time now, using a military style all natural, boar’s hair beard brush - the same one we sell. And I’ve been aware of the benefits derived from brushing away the the sebum, dead skin and flakes, as well as stimulating the follicle roots.  But with my beard longer I started brushing it at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. With the increased brushing I am seeing that my beard is cleaner, healthier looking, shinier, and growing more fully with patchiness fading away.

I’ve also been brushing my hair more too as it grows longer. It looks and feels so much better when I give it a good brushing, bringing out it’s natural luster. I like the massage to my scalp it gives as well and find it rejuvenating and refreshing. I use a firmer brush, also military style, for my hair. The whole brushing thing, beard and head, takes a few minutes, dry or after a shower and it’s pleasurable and well worth the effort.

I’ve always been lazy about brushing my beard and hair and am sure I am not alone out there. In general I don’t like spending too much time on my appearance but brushing well is quickly coming part of my daily routine and I don’t think about it anymore. I still use our Medicine Man’s Itchy Beard Wash regularly because it’s all about maintaining a healthy beard. Without it, in about two or three days, depending on the season, weather and what I’ve been eating and drinking, the dreaded flaking will start and itching will follow if I don’t wash it well. So that’s a big part of my routine too.

It's winter and I need to wash and moisturized my beard more often

As the temperatures drop and the air gets drier inside and out I find it necessary to wash my beard more often, once a day is best and moisturize it with beard oil twice a day, morning and evening. The dryness in the air draws the moisture out of my skin like it does a wet towel you hang in the bathroom. Great for towels but bad for the skin. With Medicine Man's Itchy Beard Wash you can wash as often as you need to to keep back the itchy beard because it is chemical free and oil rich and will not dry out your beard. In the winter my go to beard oil is our Medicine Man's Ant-Itch Beard Oil. Like out Itchy Beard Wash it is 100% natural and organic so you can use it as needed. Made with the following ingredients - Organic Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Organic Sesamum Indicum (Sesame) Seed oil, Arctium Lappa (Burdock) Seed Oil, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender) Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Oil - it is designed specifically to keep the itchy beard at bay.

How to travel with Medicine Man's Itchy Beard Wash

Because Medicine Man's has a pump it's a little bit of a challenge to travel with it but there are couple of options. Maybe the easiest is to go to you local drug store and get a small plastic travel bottle and pump some in. This is what I do and it works fine. The bottles are cheap, close well and are reusable. On your way out with no travel bottle and no time to get one? Here's what to do. Over the sink, unscrew the cap of the pump and let the soap in the tube drip into the bottle then pump what remains in the tube into the bottle. Next, press the pump down into the cap and turn to the right until it locks. Screw the cap back on the bottle and check that the pump is locked to the right. Wipe down the bottle and you are all set to travel and take the fight against the itchy beard on the road.

Medicine Man's Itchy Beard Wash Tops List of 5 Best Beard Shampoos of 2019 

Ben Rose of Prim & Prep named Medicine Man's Itchy Beard Wash on the top of his list of 5 Best Beard Shampoos for 2019 - Thanks Ben!!! Ben did a great job of covering all the points that make Medicine Man's a really great beard wash. Really nice to get this kind of coverage on such a great site as Prim & Prep. Highly recommend the whole article linked above and regular visits to Prim & Prep