Big Forest Ultimate Goatee Grooming Kit

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Big Forest Ultimate Goatee Grooming Kit

Includes: Shaving Soap 4 fl oz., Aftershave 1 fl oz., Beard Shampoo 9.5 fl oz., Beard Oil 1 fl oz., Beard Balm 2 oz. and Beard Brush

Big Forest Ultimate Goatee Grooming Kit is a very manly gift or a real treat for yourself. Pine infused, woodsy and 100% Natural and Organic.  All original OneDTQ formulas developed in our Brooklyn, NY workshop. Close attention has been paid to all details from products to Goatee Grooming Kit packaging to ensure a great gift giving experience.

Big Forest Shaving Soap

Big Forest Shaving Soap has a high concentration of moisturizers that lubricate your face so the razor will glide smoothly and effortlessly. It softens facial hairs and readies them for the blade. It is easy to use one the go just pump a small amount of Big Forest Shaving Soap l into wet palms and rub your hands together to start the lather.

Big Forest Shaving Soap is perfect for goatee shaping. Its low lather will allow you to see the edge of your beard more clearly when shaving and make sharp, clean corners to  shape accurately.

Big Forest After Shave

100% natural soothing serum with a high concentration of Balsam Fir Needle Oil that is known for it’s antiseptic, soothing and healing properties. The stimulating nature of the oil brings blood to the surface of the skin and helps it to rejuvenate itself.

Big Forest Beard Shampoo

100 % natural and organic, pine infused beard soap. Breathing deeply, he’ll feel the piney pleasure every morning as he cleans his beard, keeping it healthy and growing to it’s full potential. Used in the shower or by the sink, washing away unwelcome debris from his facial hair, becomes a truly pleasurable and invigorating experience.

Big Forest Beard Oil

100 % natural and organic beard oil that was created to help him grow a full, thick beard. This beard oil moisturizes thirsty whiskers and delivers the very best in growth promoting beard conditioning. The woodsy, outdoorsy scent is a breath of fresh air and will become a welcome part of his morning routine. It is light and quickly soaks into hair and skin without residue. Best applied when your beard is still damp.

Big Forest Beard Balm

Helps to tame those wild rogue hairs and start looking his best! 100% Natural and Organic, Pine Infused, Leave-in-Conditioner with light hold. Applies effortlessly to hair and skin and absorbs quickly for a neat, clean, natural look.

Natural Boar’s Hair Beard Brush

Military style brush with wooden handle that fits perfectly into the palm of his hand. Bristles are short and soft enough that they won’t pull out his whiskers yet firm enough for a great beard brushing experience. His beard and face will love it. Use dry or wet.

Take a look at Ultimate Goatee Grooming Routine. It will help you to make the most of your goatee daily maintenance routine.